Google Handwrite For Mobile Search Offers Cross-Platform Handwriting Recognition

Besides speech recognition as an alternate input method, now you can also use hand writing to submit your search queries to Google

Google continues to work on improving its mobile search offerings, even in the wake of injunctions that seek to limit the scope of certain types of searches. The latest enhancement the company’s churned-out seeks to make entering-in search terms more convenient than ever, turning your browser into one big input box for handwriting recognition.

Google calls the feature Handwrite, and once activated in your Google settings, you can start writing with your fingertip directly on your browser’s screen in order to search. As it’s browser-based, rather than an app, Handwrite makes its debut with cross-platform compatibility, supporting both Android as well as iOS 5. Google says that you’ll get the best results with Chrome on Android, though even the default Android Browser will work in a pinch; performance is a little jerkier there, as we discovered in our own tests, but it’s workable.

Obviously, you’re free to keep entering your search terms via keyboard, or even with speech recognition, but Handwrite affords users one more tool to make using Google search as flexible as possible. Google calls Handwrite an experimental feature at this point, so there’s clearly a lot of room for growth. To see where things are at the moment, though, fire up your smartphone’s browser and head on over to Google’s mobile site.

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