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Raw Power, Highly Efficient, Amazingly Accurate


The Microsoft 64-Bit Speech Engine is quietly becoming the leading ASR in the market. Thousands of companies and of course TellMe, one of the largest cloud-based service providers in the world are relying on the engine today. Yet, because of its proprietary interface, this great technology couldn’t be deployed outside the Microsoft UC infrastructure.

Until now! Our group has a special agreement with Microsoft, which allowed us to unbundle the engine from Lync and create a standards based interface option (MRCP). Now you can easily connect this powerful TTS and speech recognition engine with IVR systems and voice platforms like Avaya, Asterisk, Genesys and Cisco (fully certified)

64-bit Speech EngineTrueVoice ASR is the most powerful and viable alternative to Nuance in the market today at a fraction of the cost, which helps to reduce technology budgets without compromising quality…. Now is the time for a change! – Read More

Supports 26 ASR and TTS Languages
Catalan (Spain)
Chinese (Hong Kong) China
Chinese (Simplified) China
Chinese (Traditional) Taiwan
Danish Denmark
Dutch Netherlands
English Australia
English Canada
English India
English United Kingdom
English United States
Finnish Finland
French Canada
French France
German Germany
Italian Italy
Japanese Japan
Korean Korean
Norwegian (Bokmal) Norway
Polish Poland
Portuguese Brazil
Portuguese Portugal
Russian Russia
Spanish Spain
Spanish Mexico
Swedish Sweden
Based on industry standards
MRCP v2, SRGS/GRXML and SISR support
Large grammar support
Support for 10,000’s of items in the Grammar/Vocabulary
Runs extremely efficient
Up to 96 ports on a single server

Inquire about the budget-friendly cost for the complete ASR and TTS Speech Engine, all 26 languages, large grammar support, MRCP Connector and powerful tuning tools.



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