TrueVoice TTS™ - With Next Generation Text-to-Speech Voices For IVR, Your Customers Keep Coming Back

How can high quality Text-to-Speech technology transform your business? Today more than ever companies are deploying a multi-channel strategy to allow their customers to communicate with them.

This goes far beyond the traditional contact center model with expansive agents and sometimes long hold times.  It empowers your customers to connect with you anytime from anywhere. And when your customers need information, they want it now.  Email, Twitter and facebook are gaining in popularity, but IVR systems are still the fasted way to engage with your customers. Automated customer self service IVR systems have been around for a while, but the “zero out” rate is still far too high.

One reason is that many customers don’t like to hear the typical robotic synthesized speech voices, and almost intuitively transfer to an agent. Of course there are numerous factors in your IVR you can improve; many of them require a complete application redesign. But there is one approach that is often overlooked.

TrueVoice TTS – Natural sounding text-to-speech voices

We are prone to make decisions based on our emotions. This is not limited to interactions with people, but our senses constantly influence everything we do. Think of it – when you are listening to an attractive voice, you are much more likely to interact with it, even if it’s an automated system. Knowing this, many companies hire professional voice talents to keep their customers happy and engaged.

Now your IVR system can reflect the same positive image of your company and have your customers coming back. Once you are able to increase customer acceptance levels of your self-service system, you can continue to add automated applications. This is why natural text-to-speech voices dramatically increase customer satisfaction levels for automated systems and save you money. Try our demo to hear for yourself.

Integration with existing IVR systems

Thanks to the standardization of the speech industry, your can integrate our speech synthesizer via MRCP, API or Web services. MRCP is now part of most voice platforms, and you can use our MRCP server to integrate the TTS engine. Our API interface is straightforward. If you choose this option, you will have the highest level of control over all the TTS engine parameters and with our SDK, the process is fast and seamless. If you don’t have the system resources available or don’t want to install the text-to-speech engine locally, you can either use a cloud based MRCP installation or our Web services option.