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Integrate highly accurate speech recognition and natural TTS voices for 26 languages. Your customers will love your solutions even more!

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You know that technology works well when you don't even realize that you're using it.

Speech-enable your IVR, desktop and mobile app solutions with a proven core speech technology that is used across the globe in 26 languages

  • Highly accurate speech recognition - your solutions will dramatically improve

  • Natural sounding text-to-speech voices your users will love

  • Seamless Integration options your developers will rejoice

  • Competitive license options, winning you more deals AND increasing your profits

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Text-to-Speech and Speech Recognition Technology
So Natural and Accurate, It Could Be Human

TrueVoice TTS™​ and TrueVoice ASR™​ - 26 Languages

TrueVoice TTS

The next-gen text-to-speech engine technology provides a new experience, contrasting the mechanical voices that are still installed on many automated systems. The sound is natural with a high degree of syntactical accuracy (correct pronunciation of proper names). The engine can be deployed in cloud, server, desktop, embedded and mobile environments and come with a broad variety of standard interface options.

TrueVoice ASR

Our speech recognition technology can be deployed in server and cloud-based environments using the industry standard MRCP interface. The 64-bit speech engine is very efficient (up to 96 channels per server), highly accurate and supports large grammars.


IVR and Telecom

Companies continue to automate processes not only to improve their bottomline but also:

  • To focus is on improving the level of customer service by providing faster access to information through customer self-service applications.
  • To achieve a high containment rate in automated systems, it is important that your customers have the best possible user experience.
  • The quality of the Text-to-Speech and Speech Recognition Technology makes a huge difference in user acceptance rates.
  • The impact can significantly improve the success rate of your automated system.


Natural TTS voices open up many new opportunities to automate your applications.

  • The TrueVoice TTS is already reading books, newspapers, magazines, mobile and desktop gaming apps, navigation systems and many other applications.
  • And this is just the beginning. Our customers keep finding new ways to use our high-quality Text-to-Speech technology.
  • Whether you're working with Windows, Linux or other operating systems, the installation is a snap using our standards-based MRCP or API-level interface.

Mobile and cloud-based

Offer your customers and users the best experience with their mobile applications.

  • Install the voice synthesizer directly on the device.
  • Connect your app with the TrueVoice Text-to-Speech engine in the cloud.
  • The quality is exceptional and the footprint of the TTS engine is surprisingly small.
  • The process for cloud-based implementations is very flexible and straightforward..
  • Sell more apps with an engaging and personal sounding natural voice.

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