VoiceDream Reader has pulled out all the stops to offer the best user experience for listening to and reading along books and a variety of other content using the latest Text-To-Speech technology.

The quality of the TTS voices is highly natural, particularly the new Julie, Paul, Kate and Bridget voices, which have been available now for the past few months.

Altogether there are 78 Languages available. The recently added Chinese and Japanese voices Hui, Liang, Misaki and Show have received the highest quality ratings by native speakers.

As if this wouldn’t be enough, the user can also create custom pronunciations and adjust the speed, pitch and volume of the voices individually. Custom pronunciations can be very handy for abbreviations and words that are not pronounced the way the phonetic rules suggest.

Even though the voices come already with a huge database of custom pronunciations for proper names like streets and first/last names, there can be always a word you might want to adjust how it is pronounced.

The process is simple. Just type the word in the intuitive user interface and then spell out the word the way you want it to sound. That’s it – the next time this word comes up it will sound just the way you like it.

Variable speech rates can be set by content or voice, which comes in really handy if you want to “speed listen” to a certain type of content or if you want to enjoy the pleasant sound of the voices reading your favorite piece of content back to you.

Gesture driven navigation to move around within the content and control the application makes for a super easy interface for every type of user and environment. The latest version introduces the intriguing concept of navigation units.

Navigation units can be set to Sentence, Paragraph, Page, Chapter, Bookmark, Highlight, 15, 30, or 60 seconds — basically all important markers in the text. In the previous version, the rewind and fast forward buttons go backward or forward by 30 seconds. In the new version, they move the speech cursor backward or forward by any Navigation Unit you set. For example, you can go to the next page in a PDF document or DAISY eBook. Or, go through all your highlighted text one by one. And you can set a Navigation Unit on the fly by tapping on the rewind or fast-forward button and hold.”

Even though the app now offers an amazing number of useful features, the user interface remains very clean and easy to use.

If you use services like Instapaper, Pocket, Evernote, Dropbox or Google Drive, you can simply connect them with VoiceDream reader, which pulls the content you stored there into the app and now you can read and listen to all of your favorite content right within VoiceDream Reader.

With all of the “bells and whistles” that the app provides, the Bookshare integration brings listening to your favorite book to a whole new level.

For a combination of visual and voice reading, you can scroll by page or use free scrolling and follow along the highlighted words which are presented in customizable font sizes all the way up to 80 pt. when you stop or pause, the App remembers the voice and visual position when you resume reading.

A number of the new features that have been implemented were suggested by enthusiastic users who wanted to make “their app” even better.

Having a good application idea and listening to your customers made this app truly a gem and created an ever-growing loyal user base.

Click here and download the app. You won’t regret it!

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