Sounds Great - Understands Everything

We use speech synthesis to create voices sounding so natural, that you think you’re listening to a real person. At this quality level, the application opportunities for TTS are only limited by your imagination. IVR voice prompts, email, web and book readers are just a few of the areas, where text-to-speech has firmly established its place as a viable and user-friendly technology. And with the high level of quality now available, there is no reason to continue using the old, robotic sounding voices.

Speech Recognition Technology has also reached the point, where the performance is so good that not only most of the mobile devices are now equipped with it, but also IVR and outbound messaging systems are achieving great success rates to handle end-to-end customer interactions.

Our Goal is Your Success

We have been working for many years in the industry and understand your needs and the requirements of our customers. We speak your language and will assist you with all aspects from ASR and TTS integration to full project implementation.

STG is incredibly easy to work with and our highly specialized team is ready to be your trusted partner for all of your speech synthesis and speech recognition projects. Our goal is to become an extended part of your team and work hard for our mutual success.