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Securing Your Voice – voice biometrics on the rise

Voice biometrics and voice verification technology is getting more attention in the industry… Researchers turn voiceprints into passwords to avoid storing your actual speech anywhere. Voice authentication is increasingly used by tens of millions of people, including bank and telecom customers: you record a sample upon enrollment, and then speak that passage each time you call…

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Futurist Ray Kurzweil Wants to Move Your Brain Into the Cloud

Some interesting thoughts of one of the brilliant minds in our industry… Source Ray Kurzweil, author of The Age of Spiritual Machines and a pioneer of artificial intelligence software, has always been one of the most provocative thinkers on technology and its future. When he spoke at the Demo conference last week, it was no…

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IVRs without Frustration: Speech Recognition Gets the Human Touch

Here’s a way you can achieve 100% accuracy without touchtone technology by allowing the caller to speak to your IVR. It’s a mix of speech recognition and agent assisted IVR technology. Source: If you’ve ever used an interactive voice response (IVR) system – and unless you’ve been living on a desert island, you have –…

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Google explains how more data means better speech recognition

Will Google’s almost infinite access to data eventually give them an edge over Apple when it comes to speech recognition performance? Source GigaOM A new research paper from Google highlights the importance of big data in creating consumer-friendly services such as voice search on smartphones. More data helps train smarter models, which can then better predict…


Hands down the most advanced Text-to-Speech app available

VoiceDream Reader has pulled out all the stops to offer the best user experience for listening to and reading along books and a variety of other content using the latest Text-To-Speech technology. The quality of the TTS voices is highly natural, particularly the new Julie, Paul, Kate and Bridget voices, which have been available now…

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An Introduction to Text-to-Speech Synthesis

Good overview about TTS technology An Introduction to Text-to-Speech Synthesis An Introduction to Text-to-Speech Synthesis is a comprehensive introduction to the subject. The author treats two areas of speech synthesis: Part I of the book concerns natural language processing and the inherent problems it presents for speech synthesis; Part II focuses on digital signal processing,…


Meet the comic who doesn’t say a word

Text-to- speech technology is giving a stand up comedian a new voice. Different kind of funny: comedian Patrick Monahan says “Lee is amazing! He’s so fresh, unique and very very funny! We are all doing comedy in 3D, Lee is doing it in 4D!” Picture: lostvoiceguy.com5483391077003737 AT first the laughs are, perhaps understandably,…


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