TrueVoice ASR™ - Technology

Raw Power, Highly Efficient, Amazingly Accurate

The 64-Bit Speech Engine

The Microsoft 64-Bit Speech Engine is one of the leading ASR and Text-to-Speech engines in the market.

  • Thousands of companies including the largest cloud-based service providers in the world are relying on this speech engine as part of the Microsoft Unified Communication Suite.
  • Yet, because of the proprietary interface, the speech server couldn’t be deployed outside the Microsoft UC infrastructure.
  • There is one option to get access to this amazing speech technology:
  • Connect your IVR platform and deploy your sppech applicatoins on TrueVoice ASR.

This changes everything!

Our group has a special agreement with Microsoft to unbundle the engine and create a standards-based interface.

  • Now you can easily connect this powerful TTS and speech recognition engine with IVR systems and voice platforms like Avaya, Asterisk, Genesys, Ciscol and many others.
  • Industry standarts support. Options include MRCP, SRGS, GRXML, SISR.
  • Large grammar. The engine can process 100,000+ items allowing you to run even the most advanced applications.
  • Highly efficient processing. Install up to 96 ports/server, depending on the grammar size and application parameters..

26 Languages for your ASR and TTS

Now you can create solutions for a global audience

  • Catalan (Spain)
  • Chinese (Hong Kong) China
  • Chinese (Simplified) China
  • Chinese (Traditional) Taiwan
  • Danish Denmark
  • Dutch Netherlands
  • English Australia
  • English Canada
  • English India
  • English United Kingdom
  • English United States
  • Finnish Finland
  • French Canada
  • French France
  • German Germany
  • Italian Italy
  • Japanese Japan
  • Korean Korean
  • Norwegian (Bokmal) Norway
  • Polish Poland
  • Portuguese Brazil
  • Portuguese Portugal
  • Russian Russia
  • Spanish Spain
  • Spanish Mexico
  • Swedish Sweden