TTS Integration Options

Fast and Seamless Integration

Depending on your platform, you can integrate our TTS engine via MRCP, API or Web interface. The key to an easy integration is good documentation and strictly following the published and commonly used interface standards for text-to-speech engines. These factors make the difference of completing the project in days, weeks or even months. With this in mind, our engineers have worked hard to make your job as easy as possible to integrate the speech engine in a short period of time.

TTS engine integration can be easy when you use standard interfaces. Find out how you can make the process painless.

Embedded Devices/Saas

TTS integration 1 400 x 180 pz full


TTS integration 2 400 x 153 pz Full

Other Options

TTS integration 3 400 x 75 pz full

TTS Integration Details

MRCP Server

  • Our MRCP Server supports IETF certified MRCP v1/v2 (Media Resource Control Protocol, RFC 4463)
  • The MRCP server is being used with i.e. the Asterisk and UniMRCP module
  • Both VTML and SSML are applicable

TTS Engine & SDK (PC/Mac)

  • API: C
  • For Windows version, a simple desktop version of the TTS application (VT Editor) is included
  • VTML supported
  • Multi-port (or thread) can be supported
  • Package doesn’t support multi-loading – by using the SDK you can’t have more than one TTS voice in the same application.
  • To enable the multi-loading function you should use either VTAPI or TTS server package

TTS Server

  • API: C, Java, and .NET (Windows version only)
  • This package supports a protocol used in communication between the TTS server and a client to synthesize text into voice
  • For the Linux version, Fedora, CentOS, and RedHat are officially supported
  • Both VTML and SSML supported
  • TTS – Eclipse integration supported

Web Services

  • SSML supported
  • Customers don't need to host the TTS server on their side


  • API: SAPI API provided by Microsoft
  • Both VTML and SSML supported


  • VTAPI is a High-Level TTS engine API to develop applications directly using one or more installed TTS engines with unified and single API
  • Both VTML and SSML supported
  • API: C

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